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Welcome to Shanti Educational Research Foundation, India

A platform to promote multi-disciplinary research in Science, Technology, and Management, is an innovative non-profit- making foundation for researchers/ academicians around the globe for research and developments which make this world a happy home for all living. We are publishing original research work in various journals, reference books, monographs and organize international conferences and workshops throughout the year under the leadership of Prof. (Dr.) Sanjeev Kumar and Prof. (Dr.) Ilona Paweloszek. Prof. (Dr.) Anirudh Pradhan and Prof.(Dr.) Dorota Jelonek are our mentor with a team of great professors around the world. You may join us in any/ all events. For more information: ,

JANOLI International Journal of Mathematical and Computer Sciences (IIJMCS)

IIJMCS is publishing quarterly, dealing mathematical sciences and its applications in technology and management.  Emphasize on the main science aspects whose elaboration can yield knowledge and expertise that can equally serve all branches of engineering and management discipline.



Editor-in-Chief Prof.(Dr.) Anirudh Pradhan
Full Edition Title GLA University, Mathura, India
Publisher Shanti Educational Research Foundation, Jaipur, India
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